Our services

Our services include:

  • webcast production
  • Electronic Field Production: multicamera television productions: live and recorded to tape
  • Outside Broadcast: dry and wet hire of outside broadcast facilities
  • online training seminars
  • IMAG: image magnification
  • film production for training, imagefilms and adverts
  • european financed projects summaries
  • music videos, video reports, news clips and behind-the-scens of various events
  • postproduction
  • services for multimedia productions, animations and films
  • editing and sound design
  • on-screen graphics creation for sports and music events: lower thirds, boards, over-the-shoulders, etc.
  • videoconferencing
  • live production from anywhere in Europe through satellite
  • high performance Internet access for field events

Our fields of work

  • music events and theatre
  • press conferences
  • fashion shows
  • sporting events
  • debates and public consultations
  • festivals
  • conferences
  • medical specialist productions services: interfacing with professional medical equipment
  • online seminars
  • Annual General Meetings

Additional services:

  • wet hire integrating with other production companies