About Us

TVi LODMAN is a brand of the TUL Computing & Information Services Center, offering audio and video webcasting services, operating since 1998. Constantly investing in our state-of-the-art infrastructure and competent production team, we can tender the highest production quality available on the Polish TV production market.

As a part of the Lodz University of Technology family, we have access to the enormous research & development capabilities of this premiere Polish technical university. This allows us to develop our technology in-house and approach every project with an ambitious and innovative approach. Together, our production team has more than 65 years of experience in media, television production and streaming guaranteeing success of each and every project.

Thanks to our solid market position, we have become a trusted partner to a wide range of clients: from small and medium enterprises through non-profits, universities, government agencies up to multinational corporations.

You can contact our office which will provide you more information under this address:

TUL Computing & Information Services Center
LODMAN Metropolitan Area Network
VAT ID: PL7270021895 Regon: 000001583

Wolczanska 223
90-924 Lodz

e-mail: transmisja@lodman.pl

tel: +48 42 638 35 00
fax: +48 42 638 35 05

We will gladly answer all your questions. Our tenders always take into account your capabilities, needs and goals. We can also present sample tenders for webcasts and television production of concerts, conferences, training seminars and Annual General Meetings.